Forced to Exist


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Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios.


released 05 March 2014

All music written and performed by Earthburner.
Guest vocal by Thomas Owens on track 3.
Guest vocal by Gregory Lahm on track 4.

Earthburner is:

Todd Cecutti - Vocals / Bass
Jason Han - Guitars
Chaz Frazer - Drums



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EARTHBURNER Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Control
Mechanical evil
Elected by the people
Democracy of the gilded
Tenement nation

United in aggression

New eternal winter
America eats its young

Take it from the man
Forget being free
Back to the world
Death, forever

Sentient hate
No control
Hallucinations of equality

Sentient hate
No control
Take it back
Track Name: Forced to Exist
Justification of habitual pain
Manifests visions of doom

Out of paradise
Enslaved by culture

None stronger than the one who sees in darkness
High embodiment of consciousness

Locked up
Late stage

Sun covered up
By clinched fist
Make no mistake
I’m forced to exist
Track Name: Back to the Leaf
Descent from hate
Bathed in gold
Raised by wolves

Descent from hate
Bathed in gold

Start again from nothing
Give you back to the leaf
No more fate
World grown cold
Non-evil paingiver

Actualize industrial collapse
Cut from inside, live to defy
Life without strength
Death by choice
Escalation of decay

Fuck all laws
Vacate lies
Master plan
Track Name: Binary Domain
Reality independent of consciousness
Reject objective interpretation of thought
Reality independent of consciousness
Remorse through limitation of pride

Binary domain
Emulate sacrifice

We all must suffer
This unending sequence
This cosmic indifference
Constant dependence

Binary domain
Emulate sacrifice

Elimination through evolution
Elimination of self
Track Name: Realm
Trapped between
Life and death
Remove this skin
No longer mine

I find no home with humanity
Just get me out
Sick fucking realm

Free at last
Dead again
Free at last
Sick fucking realm
Track Name: E.A.S.T
Rights descended from antiquity
Slaves to the new order
In my eyes, immolation

Stratification of privileges
Stereotypical plight
Substantial degeneration
Deemed unworthy to fight
Authority finalized
By distribution of wealth
Pushed away by policy
Waiting to be bought

Habitual isolation
Due to negative thought
Feminization of poverty
Fundamental plot
Legislation in support
Of patriarchal scum
Intentionally, systematically

No fucking ecstasy
Untold immoral fantasy
I’ve lost the will to fight my fate
Wasting away

Extreme antisocial tendencies
Have been ignored
Feed from the hall of light,
Encruxed by pain
Track Name: False Flag
Common delusions
A hollow Earth
Empty inside this useless system

Moral decay
What's in a name
Fight your captors know your enemy

When will it end
False flag
Lining the path to atrophy

Waiting to die
A culture defined
By language is false

Trust none who lead
This is their war
Not our fight
Let them rot

Trust none who lead
This is their war
Not our fight
Global void

False flag
Trust none
Track Name: Dominate
Instruments of hate
To actuate
The final war

Unending campaign
To dominate the grave
Live to fucking kill
Beg for endless pain